Technical Management is outsourced to Sea World Management SAM (SWM), ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and with a team of experienced shipping professionals providing specialized ship management services. SWM maintains a focus on sophisticated petroleum tankers at plus 10 years of age, and the ability to manage and operate vessels to age of 20 years and beyond.

Commercial & Corporate services are also outsourced to Sea World Management SAM, while working closely with the Board, Investors, and Financial partners in Sea World Tankers LLC. The Commercial & Corporate team provide the depth and breadth to swiftly execute and manage current as well new investment opportunities from both a commercial, corporate and operational perspective.

Hudson Partners LLC has facilitated financing to Sea World Tankers LLC for the acquisition of the five product tankers presently owned in the fleet. Hudson Partners is a valuable partner in the continued expansion of the Sea World Tankers fleet.